Dbvisit Database Protection

Protect Your Oracle Standard Edition Database

Is your Oracle Standard Edition database protected? At the heart of your organization is your most critical and sensitive information the data in your databases. This reinforces the need for a foolproof disaster recovery solution.

Choose Gold Standard Database Protection

DataPatrol partners with Dbvisit Software to offer the ultimate protection of your databases on Oracle: Dbvisit Standby, a cost-effective and reliable DR solution.

Dbvisit Standby provides database continuity for your business through the intelligent creation, synchronization, and administration of Standby Databases. It works with on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid configurations

More than 1,300 customers in over 110 countries trust Dbvisit to protect their data from hardware and logical failures, natural disasters, human error, and outages.

Why Dbvisit Standby?

Dbvisit Standby delivers more than disaster recovery, it delivers database continuity.

Dbvisit Standby delivers more than disaster recovery, it delivers database continuity. Designed by DBAs who understand what it takes to set up and manage DR environments, here are six reasons why you should consider Dbvisit Standby for your disaster recovery needs:

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  • Simple to install and manage:

    Dbvisit Standby features both a graphical user interface and command-line access making it very simple to install, configure and administer. It assists you in creating the standby database and includes all the tools and utilities to effectively and easily manage it.

  • Less time, more control:

    Dbvisit Standby gives you control over your standby database environment, taking the hard work out of managing it, freeing up time to focus on other activities

    In the event of a failure, Dbvisit Standby ensures that the standby database is ready in a matter of minutes saving you the inconvenience of dealing with delays and pressure to restore your environment.

  • Reliable and secure:

    Dbvisit Standby ensures your data remains secure during processing with encrypted communication between all Dbvisit Standby components.

  • Peace of mind:

    Remove the added stress of unreliable, untested code. Dbvisit Standby is backed by a team of Oracle experts who provide implementation and support services designed to ensure your software continues to operaoperate flawlessly with all Oracle updates and upgrades and new versions of your operating system.

  • Flexible:

    Dbvisit Standby is built to support on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid configurations and integrate with a number of different database platforms, while maintaining an application-centric focus.

  • Increased value and ROI:

    Enjoy enterprise-level Disaster Recovery functionality without the need to purchase Oracle Enterprise Edition.

More About Dbvisit Standby

Some of Dbvisit Standby’s features include:

  • Effortless Standby database creation just set and forget.
  • Automated Failover capability based on your RPO and RTO.
  • Graceful Switchover with zero data loss to proactively manage migrations and disaster avoidance.
  • Integrated Reporting Replicas and Test/Dev snapshots (on Linux) allow you to enhance primary database performance and availability.
  • Simplification of database management through one-click re-synchronization and precheck systems.
  • Compression and encryption for archive log transportation (physical database replication).