24/7 Remote DBA Support is our primary offering.

Data Patrol Technologies offers 24/7 Remote DBA support for all industry databases like Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB.

The Data Patrol team understands the criticality of all the databases and infrastructure components; hence, 24/7 support is a commitment that it offers to its customers.

Typical remote support services are offered over secured VPN connections provided by our customers.

We recommend customers use our own Slack Channel via app or

Currently, our customers work with us via slack, email, phone and their own ticketing tool mechanisms.

Please reach out to us at or our website.

We provided backup dba to cover all vacations, public holidays and emergency leaves.

Over the last many years, our team has vast experience in complex database migration tasks across platforms.

All technical experts are professionally certified to ensure the best technical expertise available to our customers.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) vary for every engagement. Typically, SLAs around response time are categorised based on the Ticket priority. Please reach out to for any details.

Data Patrol Technologies provides multiple database replication options both third-party and in-house as part of its service offerings.

Data Patrol Technologies has a dedicated team on Oracle EBusiness Suite (Oracle Apps DBA) and has been offering its services on this for many years.

Data Patrol Technologies has been working with global customers spread across APAC, Europe, and the Americas for more than a decade and we have served more than 100 customers across multiple domains during this time.

85% of our current staff works from our secure office premises. Some customers mandate our DBAs to work from the office to ensure security.

Customer data privacy is paramount to us, and we have multiple measures in place. To know more about our data privacy policies and practices, please write to

All Data Patrol team members have to sign an NDA.

Typically, a 15-day infant care period post-implementation or database upgrade is offered as part of our contract.

Our DBA Support Team is experienced in all major cloud computing platforms like AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud and offers its services to databases over cloud providers.

We hire certified and highly skilled DBA resources on Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle Apps DBAs.

We are always looking for strong technical skills in Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle Apps. Please send us your CV at and follow our LinkedIn page to keep up to date with all our job postings.