SQL Server DBA Support Services

Data Patrol is a leading SQL server DBA & Support service provider offering SQL server database configuration, management, maintenance, and monitoring. Our SQL server DBA support team has a many man years of experience in critical services such as SQL server database load balancing and disaster recovery strategies. We are also experts in the commonly used SQL server features such as query, search, synchronize, report and analyze – for your highly integrated platforms.
Data Patrol’s SQL server DBA team supports all your SQL server needs right from installation and integration, to proactive monitoring and reporting.

Key SQL Server DBA Support Offering:

  • SQL server integration services
  • SQL server analysis services
  • SQL server reporting services
  • SQL server database monitoring services
  • SQL server database maintenance services.

Our SQL Server DBA Support Options:

  • Dedicated or Shared DBAs
  • Onsite or Remote DBAs.

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