Carbonite (Formerly known as Double Take)

Database downtime and Data loss affects IT Organizations and Businesses adversely. Despite the advances in network infrastructure and protective measures, these may be inevitable. Irrespective of the reason, like natural disasters, user errors, malicious attacks or patching problems, database and application downtime most certainly strikes some of the systems of an organization every year - leading to business shutdown until recovery. As a solution to these problems, Data Patrol has partnered with Double-Take (now Carbonite) which offers industry renowned products – Carbonite Availability and Carbonite Move, powered by Double-Take software.

Carbonite Availability (Carbonite Replication Software)

The Carbonite replication software supports IT organizations in maintaining the highest availability of their Windows and Linux servers, thereby preventing downtime and data loss. Carbonite Replication uses patented replication technology that captures the changes at the byte level and replicates them between any source and target environment. In the wake of a disaster, administrators can easily invoke failover to secondary location in minutes or seconds. The recovery point can be current; or, systems can be reverted to an earlier point before the error/disaster occurred.

Carbonite Replication | Carbonite Availability | Datapatroltech

Features of Carbonite Availability:

  • Data encryption, in flight, in between the source and the target
  • Easy, non-disruptive testing
  • Regular alerts and reporting
  • 3 tier compressions to minimize network impact
  • Integrated DNS management
  • Automatic failover is available
  • Comprehensive API.

Benefits of using Carbonite Availability:

  • Continuous replication mechanism that maintains secondary copy without affecting primary system or network bandwidth
  • Exceptionally fast failovers that minimize downtime
  • Negligible performance impact
  • Platform support for physical, virtual and cloud based systems.

Carbonite Move:

Data migration from one server to another is never a straight forward process. The IT teams often delay migration due to risk and downtime involved in it. This delay results in lost opportunity, excessive costs and a lack of agility that can hamper the growth of business. It uses real-time, byte-level replication to create a replica of the data, applications, database or complete server being migrated. Powered by Carbonite, bandwidth efficiency is maximized, sending the smallest possible chunks of data, incorporating multiple levels of compression and enabling bandwidth throttling.

Carbonite Replication | Carbonite Availability | Datapatroltech

    Benefits of Carbonite Move:

  • Easy, non-disruptive testing
  • No downtime or data loss with structured, repeatable migration
  • Streamlined, automated migrations
  • Freedom from lock-in to a specific hypervisor, cloud or piece of hardware.

Contact us to get the dual advantage of Data Patrol’s expertise and a comprehensive solution for minimizing the impact of your downtime, via Carbonite Availability/Move.