Dbvisit Standby Architecture and Components

- June 5, 2024

by Gauri Wahab - Sales & Marketing Officer

Data Patrol Technologies, a trusted partner of Dbvisit in India, is committed to deliver robust disaster recovery solution. Dbvisit introduced Dbvisit Standby in 2012 a tailor-made DR solution for Oracle databases and in 2022 Dbvisit Standby MP was introduced to support Oracle SE, MSSQL & PostgreSQL. Dbvisit Standby is a premier solution designed to ensure data protection, high availability, and efficient disaster recovery. This article provides an in-depth look at Dbvisit Standby's architecture and its integral components, illustrating how it can fortify your organization's IT infrastructure against unforeseen disruptions.


Overview of Dbvisit Standby (till version 10) Architecture

Dbvisit Standby architecture is designed to create and manage physical standby databases that are kept in sync with the primary Oracle database through continuous log shipping and application. This architecture is built to provide a reliable disaster recovery environment, minimizing downtime and data loss. The primary components of Dbvisit Standby architecture include the primary database server, standby database server, Dbvisit Standby software, and the Dbvisit Daemon (Dbvnet).

Key Components of Dbvisit Standby

  1. Primary Database Server:-

    • Oracle Database: The production database actively used by applications. It generates archive logs which are crucial for maintaining synchronization with the standby database.

    • Dbvisit Standby Software: Installed on the primary server to manage the creation, maintenance, and monitoring of the standby database. It handles the log shipping process to ensure the standby database is always up-to-date.

  2. Standby Database Server:-

    • Oracle Standby Database: A physical copy of the primary database, continuously updated through the application of archive logs. This standby database is ready to take over operations in case of primary database failure.

    • Dbvisit Standby Software: Installed on the standby server to receive and apply logs from the primary server, ensuring it remains synchronized with the primary database.

  3. Dbvisit Standby Daemon (Dbvnet):-

    • Dbvnet Daemon: A network communication component that facilitates secure and efficient data transfer between the primary and standby servers. It supports encrypted communication, ensuring data security during transmission.

  4. Log Shipping and Application:-

    • Archive Logs: Oracle generates archive logs from the primary database, which are transferred to the standby server using Dbvisit Standby.

    • Log Apply Services: Dbvisit Standby applies these logs to the standby database, maintaining an up-to-date copy of the primary database.

  5. Dbvisit Standby GUI (Graphical User Interface):-

    • Web-Based Management: A user-friendly web interface that allows administrators to manage and monitor the standby environment. It provides visual dashboards, status indicators, and easy access to various Dbvisit Standby functions.

  6. Dbvisit Standby CLI (Command Line Interface):-

    • Automation and Scripting: The CLI provides powerful command-line tools that can be used for scripting and automating routine tasks, such as log shipping, synchronization checks, and failover operations.

  7. Compression and Encryption:-

    • Log Compression: Reduces the size of archive logs before transmission, optimizing bandwidth usage and speeding up the transfer process.

    • Data Encryption: Ensures that data transmitted between the primary and standby servers is encrypted, enhancing security and compliance with data protection regulations.

  8. Automatic Gap Detection and Resolution:-

    • Gap Detection: Automatically detects gaps in the log sequence to ensure that no archive logs are missing or out of order.

    • Gap Resolution: Automatically retrieves missing logs from the primary server to fill any gaps, ensuring continuous synchronization of the standby database.

  9. Heartbeat and Monitoring:-

    • Heartbeat Mechanism: Monitors the health and connectivity of the primary and standby servers. If a heartbeat signal is missed, Dbvisit Standby can trigger alerts or initiate failover procedures.

    • Real-Time Monitoring: Provides real-time monitoring of the log shipping and application process, with alerts and notifications for any issues detected.

  10. Reporting and Auditing:-

    • Activity Reports: Generates detailed reports on the status and activity of the standby environment, including log shipping performance, synchronization status, and failover history.

    • Audit Logs: Maintains audit logs of all actions performed by Dbvisit Standby, providing a detailed history of administrative activities for compliance and troubleshooting purposes.

  11. Role Management and Switchover/Failover Control:-

    • Role Management: Simplifies the management of primary and standby roles, allowing easy switchover and failover between servers.

    • Controlled Switchover: Facilitates planned switchover operations with minimal downtime, ensuring a smooth transition of roles.

    • Emergency Failover: Enables quick failover to the standby database in the event of an unplanned primary database outage, minimizing downtime and data loss.

  12. Dbvisit Replicate Integration:-

    • Integration with Dbvisit Replicate: Enhances data replication capabilities by integrating with Dbvisit Replicate, providing advanced data replication features such as heterogeneous replication, real-time data integration, and support for multiple database types.

  13. Support for Oracle Multitenant:-

    • Pluggable Databases (PDBs): Fully supports Oracle Multitenant architecture, allowing replication and disaster recovery for individual Pluggable Databases (PDBs) within a Container Database (CDB).

  14. Email and SNMP Alerts:-

    • Email Notifications: Configurable email alerts for various events, such as log shipping failures, synchronization issues, and successful completion of tasks.

    • SNMP Integration: Supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for integration with enterprise monitoring and alerting systems.


Dbvisit Standby provides a comprehensive disaster recovery solution ensuring data protection, high availability, and efficient management. The architecture of Dbvisit Standby, with its robust components and advanced features, enables organizations to maintain business continuity and minimize downtime. Dbvisit Standby MP, product Architecture and information will be soon published.

At Data Patrol Technologies, we leverage Dbvisit Standby to offer reliable and secure disaster recovery solutions, safeguarding your critical data and ensuring seamless operations even in the face of unexpected disruptions. Contact us to learn more about how Dbvisit Standby can enhance your disaster recovery strategy at / +91 84848 39896.



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